Car Electronics

Freeport provides a range of reliable connector and cable products in automobile audio and video applications. Our products in the car sector can fall in the following categories:

Industry Application

USB 3.0 Recharger
HDMI Car Entertainment Systems
Car Audio

Medical Industry

Freeport’s products include high-quality and certified connectors and cables for medical-grade monitoring and display devices, which have a much different line frequency and specification than a regular monitor, with full regulatory compliance under medical safety requirements.

Industry Application

DisplayPort Monitor
HDMI Equipment Monitor

Consumer Industry

Freeport is the world’s leading connector and cable manufacturer, supplying to the most reputable brands of LCD TV, Set-top box, Digital Cameras, Game Console, BlueRay players and home entertainment appliances.

Industry Application

USB 3.0 Media Player
Game Consoles
HDMI Game Console
AV Receiver
Blu-ray Player
Setup Box
DP TV Monitor
PC Monitor

Computer Industry

Freeport provides an extensive quality-approved computer industry cables and connectors for a wide variety of applications.

Our computer-related products and services include:

Industry Application

USB 3.0 PC add-in cards
Thumb Drives
Laptop companion
HDMI PCs & Peripherals
Mini SAS Server
Storage Device
SAS controller card
DP Desktop PC
Laptop PC
Graphic card