D-Type SCSI IDC Connector / 8AD/ 8AE/ 8AF/ 8AG Series

1.27 mm (0.050″) Spacing, SCSI II I.D.C. D-Type Connector

A series of high density connectors with 1.27mm(0.050″) spacing.
Conforms to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) specifications.
Suitable for IDC and discrete cable, wire sizes are 28 AWG and 30AWG.
Excellent design allows quick and easy termination.
A spring latch connector joint is used for quick locking.
Metal front shells and hoods are available to shield against EMI and RFI.
Insulator is made of polyester resin and glad fiber reinforced (UL 94-0) providing superior heat and chemical resistance.
Application to miniaturized electronic equipment such as personal computers, printers, facsimiles and other OA equipment.
Recognized UL under the component program of Underwriters Laboratories Inc. File No. E 112081
Certified by Canadian Standards Association, File No. LR 81373.

Rated Current: 1 Amp.
Insulation Resistance: 500 M ohms min.
Contact Resistance: 35 M ohms max.
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage: AC 250V (for 1 minute).
Operating temperature: -25ºC ~ +85ºC
Wire Size: AWG 28, 30

Insulator Material: PBT with glass-fiber reinforced (UL 94V-0).
Contact Material: Phosphor bronze.
Bracket: Zinc Alloy.