Diiva Connector Receptacle SMT Type

13 pins, Socket SMT type


1. High definition interface Compatible with compression, the compression and Ethernet
2. Two-way transmission and network functions
3. Wire USES ordinary six types of line, support the transmission distance up to 25 m low cost
4. The family network platform: just USES a single interface and ordinary six types of line then will digital TV, DVD, and video recorder, computer, STB, U plate, camera etc audio products linked up
5. Establish personal family network content sharing platform
6. Can DuoZhong compatible content includes technology
7. Higher-resolution
8. Faster refresh rate

Electrical Character:

• contact current rating:0.5A min
• voltage rating:40V AC (rms)
• withstanding voltage:
350Volts AC between adjacent terminal (unmate)
200Volts AC between adjacent terminal (mate)
• insulation resistance:
100Mohm min.(unmated); 10Mohm min.( mated)
contact resistance:30 Milliohms MAX
• differential impedance:
mated connector 100±15 ohms

Mechanical Character:

• Insertion force:44N MAX
• Withdrawal force:10N~40N