HDMI D Type Plug Solder Type, Slim type / 65S series

Cable End Connector
Shell with rib, suffix cover with buckle , (36 AWG, Row Cable :5.6 * 1.2 MM)

Contact Current Rating: 0.3A MIN
Voltage Rating: 40V AC (rms)
Witiistanding Voltage; 250Volts AC Between Adiacent Terminal(unmate) 150 Volts AC Between Adiacent Terminal(mate)
Insulation Resistance: 100Mohm MIN.(UNMATED);10Mohm MIN.( MATED)
Contact Resistance;30Milliohms MAX

Insertion Force:44.1 N MAX
Withdrawal Force: 3N MIN ~ 25 N MAX

perating Temperature: -25°To +85°