HDMI Type C to HDMI Type A Cable / 18 Series

Mini HDMI Cable
Pitch 0.4mm HDMI C type mini plug to HDMI A type plug (HDMI Type C to Type A) Cable Assembly

1. Designed to be used on small portable devices of HD camcorders, still cameras, PCs, PSS, HDTVs, DVD Players etc..
2. Provide a solid bridge to transfer information between mini HDMI receptacle and HDMI receptacle reliably and quickly.
3. Idea for easy packing & travel.
4. Cable lengths are available to reach up to 2m for 30AWG cable and 1.5m for 32AWG cable.

Electrical Character:
100% open & short test
Hi-Pot: DC 300V 10ms
Insulation Resistance: 10M OHM Min.
Contact Resistance: 2.0 OHM Max.
Working Temperature: -25ºC ~ +85ºC

Mechanical Character:
Overmold: PVC 70Pa UL94V-0 Black
Premold: PE Low Density
Contact: Copper Alloy.