HDMI Type D Receptacle / 65G Series

Board Mount Connector
Micro HDMI Type D Receptacle, Shell tail is through hole, Front solder tail is DIP and black solder tail is SMT type.

1. Support highest video resolution 1080p.
2. Support 10.2Gbps all channel bandwidth.
3. Support 24bit all channel deep color.
4. HF Compliant.
5. Small volume, light quality, portable, can be applied to small mobile equipment, high definition video output effect.

• Low Level Contact Resistance (20mV ≤10mA)
• Initial: Contact≤10mΩ; Shell≤50 mΩ
• After test: Contact≤10mΩ;Shell≤50 mΩ
• Dielectric withstanding voltage
• Using 250V AC RMS(Mated 150V) dielectric withstanding voltage for one minute to test between adjacent contacts.
• Using 500V AC RMS (Mated 150V) for one minute to test the Insulation Resistence between adjacent contacts, 100MΩ Min(Mated 10MΩ Min).

•• Mating and unmating force
•• Initial: Mating force 4.5Kfg max; Unmating force 0.6~2.5Kfg.
•• Final: Mating force 4.5Kfg max; Unmating force 0.6~2.5Kfg.
•• Durability
•• The peak force shall be recorded maximum rate of 25±3mm per minute.
•• The mated specimen are tested 5,000 cycles between mating and unmating at a rate 100±50 per hour.